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Scope of application: Sorting form:
Box weight sorting control Remove the unqualified products
Food weight sorting control The overweight and underweight are removed or transported to different places respectively
Seafood product weight sorting control According to the different weight range, divided into different weight categories
Fruit and vegetable weight sorting control Missing product inspection
Checkweighing (1)The weight detection and sorting system uses dynamic weighing technology to detect the weight of products. Different weighing sensors can be used to obtain weighing and sorting machines with different detection accuracy. The weighing system is the core part of the weighing and sorting machine, which determines the detection accuracy and operation stability of the weighing and sorting machine. The range of the weighing sensor determines the weighing size of the weighing separator.

High-precision sorting scale independently developed by Labirinth:

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Scope of application: Product features:
Electronic scale The maximum weight of the material being weighed or the total weight of the material
Platform scale Dead weight (tare) of weighing table or hopper device
Weighing scale The maximum off-load possible under normal operation
Belt weigher Selection of the number of load cells
Forklift scale The dynamic load that may occur in the weighing state and the impact load during unloading
Weighbridge Other additional disturbance forces, such as wind pressure,vibration, etc
Truck scale
Livestock scale
Checkweighing (3)The composition of the electronic weighing device: bearing table, scale body, weighing sensor, weighing display and voltage regulator power supply.The working principle of the electronic weighing device: when weighing, the weight of the measured object is converted into an electrical signal by the weighing sensor, and then amplified by the operational amplifier and processed by a single chip microcomputer processor, and the weighing value is displayed in digital form.

A wide range of load cell applications:

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