Our Service

Our Services

01. Pre-Sales Service
1.Our team of expert sales representatives are available 24/7 to serve our valued customers, providing consultation, answering any inquiries, solving problems and fulfilling customized requirements.
2.Assist customers to analyze market trends, identify demand, and accurately target the ideal consumer market.
3.Our experienced R&D professionals collaborate with various institutions to conduct pioneering research on custom formulations tailored to the unique specifications of our clients.
4.We adjust our professional production process to ensure that we exceed the high -level expectations of customers in each order.
5.We provide free samples to help our customers make wise decisions on our products and services.
6.Our customers can easily visit our factory online and check our most advanced facilities.

02. In-Sales Service
1. Our products are strictly tested to ensure customer satisfaction and meet international standards such as stability testing.
2. We give priority to cooperation with trustworthy raw material suppliers who have a long-term partnership with our company.
3. Our strict quality control measures thoroughly check each production stage by eight inspectors to eliminate any potential defects from the very beginning.
4. We focus on producing perfect products in line with environmental protection, and our high-concentration formula does not contain phosphorus.
5. Customers can rest easy knowing that our products are tested by trusted third-party agencies such as SGS or a third party designated by the customer.

03. After-Sales Service
1.Trust and transparency are at the forefront of our operations as we strive to provide our clients with all necessary documentation including certificates of analysis/qualification, insurance coverage and country of origin documentation. 2. We take pride in our logistics and understand the importance of timely and efficient shipping. That's why we provide real-time updates of the shipping process to our valued customers.
2.Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our dedication to ensuring a high yield of products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.
4. We value our relationship with our customers and aim to provide solutions to their needs through regular monthly phone calls.

04. OEM/ODM Service
Provide non-standard customization, free weighing solutions.Customize your own weighing control system.