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Tank Weighing System

Hopper/silo/material tower/reaction kettle/reaction pot/oil tank/storage tank/stirring tank

Accurate Inventory Control


High-precision weighing, not affected by tank shape, temperature and material.
Enterprises use a large number of storage tanks and metering tanks in the process of material storage and production. There are usually two problems, one is the measurement of materials, and the other is the control of the production process. According to our practice, the application of weighing modules can better solve these problems. Whether it is a container, a hopper or a reactor, plus a weighing module, it can become a weighing system. It is especially suitable for the occasions where multiple containers are installed side by side or where the site is narrow. Compared with electronic scales, the range and division value of electronic scales have certain specifications, while the range and division value of the weighing system composed of weighing modules can be set according to the needs within the range allowed by the instrument.
Controlling the material level by weighing is one of the more accurate inventory control methods at present, and can measure high-value solids, liquids and even gases in the tank. Because the tank load cell is installed outside the tank, it is superior to other measurement methods in measuring corrosive, high temperature, frozen, poor flow or non-self-leveling materials.


1. Measurement results are not affected by tank shape, sensor material or process parameters.
2. It can be installed on containers of various shapes and can be used to retrofit existing equipment.
3. Not limited by the site, flexible assembly, convenient maintenance and low price.
4. The weighing module is installed on the supporting point of the container without occupying additional space.
5. The weighing module is easy to maintain. If the sensor is damaged, the support screw can be adjusted to jack up the scale body, and the sensor can be replaced without dismantling the weighing module.


Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cement, grain and other production enterprises and the management departments of such items all require the containers and hoppers for storing these materials to have the function of measuring, and provide the weight information of material turnover such as input volume, output volume and balance volume. The tank weighing system realizes the weighing and measuring work of the tank through the combination of multiple weighing modules (weighing sensors), multi-way junction boxes (amplifiers), display instruments, and output multi-path control signals, thereby controlling system.
Working principle of body weighing: collect the weight of the tank by using weighing modules on the legs of the tank, and then transmit the data of multiple weighing modules to the instrument through the multi-input and single-out junction box. The instrument can realize the weight display of the weighing system in real time. A switching module can also be added to the instrument to control the feeding motor of the tank through a relay switch. The instrument can also give RS485, RS232 or analog signals to transmit the weight information of the tank to PLC and other control equipment, and then the PLC performs more complex control.
Tank weighing systems can measure ordinary liquids, high viscosity liquids, ground materials, viscous bulk materials and foams, etc. It is suitable for explosion-proof reactor weighing system in chemical industry, batching system in feed industry, blending and weighing system in oil industry, reactor weighing system in food industry, batching weighing system in glass industry, etc.