Vehicle-mounted weighing system

Scope of application: Composition scheme:
Garbage truck Multiple load cell
Truck Load cell mounting accessories
Logistics vehicle Multiple junction box
Coal car Vehicle terminal
Refuse car Background management system (optional)
Dumper Printer (optional)
Cement tanker
Vehicle-mounted weighing system (2)Vehicle-mounted weighing system (3)Vehicle-mounted weighing system (4)
Model3:Suitableforregionalweighing,compressiongarbagetruck, rear-loadinggarbagetruckandothermodels.

Working principle:

Vehicle-mounted weighing system (2)

Industry segmentation: Garbage truck weighing system

Labirinth garbage truck intelligent weighing SaaS platform can respectively conduct detailed query and data statistics for task target objects such as collection and transportation vehicles, production and waste units, processing units, streets, and regions according to time. Monitoring data, management data, to achieve reasonable environmental sanitation facilities, reasonable planning of collection and transportation mode, to assist the environmental sanitation management department fine management, and accurate decision-making in the future. Vehicle-mounted weighing system (3)
Range: 10t-30t Range: 10t Range: 10-50kg Range: 0.5t-5t
Accuracy: ±0.5%~1% Accuracy: ±0.5%~1% Accuracy: ±0.5%~1% Accuracy: ±0.5%~1%
Material: Alloy steel/stainless steel Material: Alloy steel/stainless steel Material: Alloy steel Material: Alloy steel/stainless steel
Protection level:IP65/IP68 Protection level: IP65/IP68 Protection level: IP65 Protection level: IP65/IP68
Vehicle-mounted weighing system (4)