Application of load cells in medical industry

Realizing the future of nursing

As the global population grows and lives longer, health care providers face increasing demands on their resources. At the same time, health systems in many countries still lack basic equipment – from basic equipment such as hospital beds to valuable diagnostic tools – preventing them from providing treatment and care in a timely and effective manner. Improvements and innovations in medical technology are critical to supporting effective diagnosis and treatment of growing populations, especially in under-resourced areas. Meeting these challenges requires innovation and efficiency. This is where our load cells play a key role. As a supplier of load cells and force sensors and custom products to a wide range of industries, we have the ability to apply innovative thinking and best practices to emerging realities and your specific medical needs.

Medical bed

Hospital bed

Modern hospital beds have come a long way over the past few decades, becoming much more than simple sleeping and transport systems. It now includes many features specifically designed to help health workers handle and treat patients. In addition to traditional electric raising and lowering, advanced hospital beds are also equipped with intelligent controls. One of our solutions detects pressure on hospital bed handles. The force acting on the handle signals the electric motor, allowing the operator to easily drive the bed forward or backward (depending on the direction of the force detected). The solution makes transporting patients simpler and safer, reducing the number of staff required for the task. Other convenient and safe solutions for hospital beds include accurate measurement of patient weight, patient position on the bed and early warning of fall risk to healthcare staff when a patient attempts to leave the bed without assistance. All of these functions are enabled by load cells, which provide reliable and accurate output to the controller and interface display unit.

wheel chair

Patient lift chair

Electric patient lift chairs provide a safe and efficient way to move patients from one ward or area to another, helping to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients. These essential devices significantly reduce the burden on caregivers when using other transfer methods, allowing medical staff to focus on patient safety and comfort. These chairs are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them suitable for use in many healthcare settings.

Modern versions of these chairs also incorporate load cells, further increasing their effectiveness. Load cells designed to measure patient weight can be connected to alarms that will immediately alert health staff when loads exceed safe limits.

Sports rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation machines are commonly used in physiotherapy departments. These machines are often used to exercise the patient’s muscles as part of therapy to restore the patient’s motor skills and mobility after a stroke or sports trauma. Thanks to our advanced technology, modern rehabilitation machines now offer smart sensing capabilities that detect patient movement while using the machine. By integrating load cells, we are now able to provide the controller with the real-time feedback needed to predict the patient’s next movement. This intelligent resistance control increases or decreases the resistance of the exercise machine based on the force measured from the patient’s movements, thereby promoting the patient’s muscle growth in the most appropriate manner. Load cells can also be used to measure a patient’s weight, allowing the rehabilitation machine to estimate the patient’s height and pre-position the machine’s handlebars at the correct level in an efficient manner.

Post time: Oct-20-2023