High Speed Weighing – Market Solutions for Load Cells

Integrate the Benefits of Load Cells Into Your High-speed Weighing System
Reduce installation time
Faster weighing speeds
Environmentally sealed and/or washdown construction
Stainless steel housing
Ultra-fast response time
High resistance to lateral loads
Insensitive to rotational forces
High dynamic weighing performance
Multi-axis overload protection
Mechanical tare load cancelation
Extended load cell life
Liquid damped load cells
Fully calibrated and programmable
DSH filtered digital output
Adjustable communication speed

Dynamic Digital Interface
Converts analog signals to digital data
Fully calibrated and filtered digital output
Connects to any analog load cell and liquid damped load cell.
The best solution to improve your weighing process
Designed for demanding process environments, easy to install and calibrate
Several cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.
Guarantees high reliability and accurate production

Dynamic Solutions

We offer a comprehensive line of high-speed weighing products, a wide range of dynamic motion system solutions, and 17 years of experience in developing and manufacturing load cells. Our products meet all your canning, dosing and high-speed control process needs.
Packaging Machine Solutions

We offer a wide range of load cells with capacities from 5 to 500 kg for packaging machines. The robust stainless steel construction is suitable for any area of application, from disaster environments to the food industry. Robust and reliable, the design ensures high quality performance over the long term.
Typical Applications
Rotary Bottling
Multihead packaging
Dynamic dosing and weighing
Dosing control
Packaging, light loading, sorting, control
High-speed motion weighing
Optional canning
Multi-head combination precision weighing

Post time: Nov-24-2023