Load Cells for Suspended Hopper and Tank Weighing Applications

Product Model: STK
Rated load(kg):10,20,30,50,100,200,300,500

STK is a tension compression load cell for pulling and pressing. It is made of aluminum alloy, with high overall accuracy and long-term stability. Protection class IP65, ranges from 10kg to 500kg, crosses the range of the STC model, with some differences in material and dimensions, and is used in a similar way to the STC, for hanging scales, electromechanical scales, hopper scales, tank scales, packaging scales, quantitative feeders, force measurement and other industrial applications.

Range: 10kg...500kg
Aluminum alloy with anodized surface
Protection grade: IP65
Bi-directional force measurement, both tension and pressure
High overall accuracy
Good long-term stability
Compact structure, easy to install

Hook scales, electromechanical combination scales
Hopper scales, tank scales
Packaging scales, filling machines
Quantitative feeders
Dosing weighing controls
General material testing machines
Force monitoring and measurement




Post time: Dec-28-2023