Silo Weighing System

Many of our customers use silos to store feed and food. Taking the factory as an example, the silo has a diameter of 4 meters, a height of 23 meters, and a volume of 200 cubic meters.

Six of the silos are equipped with weighing systems.

Silo Weighing System
The silo weighing system has a maximum capacity of 200 tons, using four double ended shear beam load cells with a single capacity of 70 tons. The load cells are also equipped with special mounts to ensure high accuracy.

The end of the load cell is attached to the fixed point and the silo "rests" in the middle. The silo is connected to the load cell by a shaft that moves freely in a groove to ensure that the measurement is not affected by the thermal expansion of the silo.

Avoid Tipping Point
Although the silo mounts already have anti-tip devices installed, additional tip-over protection is installed to ensure system stability. Our weigh modules are designed and fitted with an anti-tip system consisting of a heavy duty vertical bolt protruding from the edge of the silo and a stopper. These systems protect the silos from tipping over, even in storms.

Successful Silo Weighing
Silo weighing systems are primarily used for inventory management, but weighing systems can also be used for loading trucks. The truck weight is verified when the truck is driven into the weighbridge, but with a 25.5 tonne load there is usually only a 20 or 40kg difference. Measuring the weight with a silo and checking with a truck scale helps ensure that no vehicle is overloaded.

Post time: Aug-15-2023