CM Micro Button Force Transduscer For Force Control And Measurement

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1. Capacities (kg): 2 to 5000
2. Force Transducer
3. Compact structure, easy mounting
4. Delicate structure, low profile
5. Stainless Steel material
6. Degree of protection reaches to IP65
7. High comprehensive precision, high stability
8. Compression load cell



1. Suitable for force control and measurement
2. It can be installed inside the instrument to monitor the force of the working process

Product Description

CM is a miniature load cell. Because its shape is similar to a button, it is also called a button sensor. The measuring range is from 2kg to 5t. It can also be customized according to customer needs, Low section, compact structure, easy installation. It can only measure pressure and is suitable for force control and measurement. It can also be installed inside the instrument to monitor the force in the working process.





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