GW Column Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Weigh Modules

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1. Alloy steel or Stainless steel welding sealing load cell, suitable for the humid and corrosion environment
2. Support the bolt, prevent the equipment from overturning
3. Alloy steel with nickel plating; Stainless steel material is available
4. Install Easily and quickly
5. Easy to replace Reducing load cell damage and plant down-time
6. Suitable for large-tonnage tanks, silo, and others weighing control


GW static load weighing module adopts LCC430 column load cell, measuring range from 10t to 50t, which is characterized by compact structure, no need to install other accessories, self-stable sensor bearing head makes accurate measurement, good repeatability;Fast and easy installation, save installation and downtime maintenance time. The static load weighing module can be easily mounted on containers of various shapes and can be easily loaded, batched or stirred in this container.


Suitable for large-tonnage tanks, silo, and others weighing control.


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