LC1330 Low Profile Platform Scale Load Cell

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1. Capacities : 3 to 50kg
2. High comprehensive precision, high stability
3. Compact structure, easy to install
4. Small size with low profile
5. Anodized Aluminum Alloy
6. The four deviations has been adjusted
7. Recommended Platform size: 300mm*300mm

load cell1330



1. Electronic Scales, Counting Scales
2. Packaging Scales, Postal Scales
3. Unmanned retail cabinet
4. Industries of Foods, Pharmaceuticals, industrial process weighing and control


LC1330 is a high-precision low-range single point load cell, 3kg to 50kg, made of aluminum alloy, surface anodized, simple structure, easy to install, good bending and torsion resistance, protection level is IP66, can be applied in many in a complex environment. The four-corner deviation has been adjusted, and the recommended table size is 300mm*300mm. It is mainly suitable for weighing systems such as postage scales, packaging scales, and small platform scales. It is also one of the ideal sensors for the unmanned retail industry.


demensions lc1330




Electronic scales, which developed rapidly in the 1960s and used resistance strain force sensors as conversion elements, are increasingly replacing the original mechanical scales and penetrating into various weighing fields due to their following series of advantages. Technology brings radical renewal.
(1) It can realize fast automatic weighing with high efficiency.
(2) The scale platform has a simple structure and no moving parts such as blades, blade pads and levers. It is easy to maintain and has a long service life.
(3) It is not restricted by the installation location and can be installed on the equipment body.
(4) It can transmit weight information over long distances, allowing for data processing and remote control.
(5) The sensor can be made fully sealed and can perform various compensations for temperature effects, so it can be used in various harsh environments.
(6) The pit foundation is small and shallow, and it can even be made into a pitless, removable electronic scale.

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