LCF560 Weighing and Control Pancake Load Cell

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1. Capacities (t): 2 to 5
2. Compact structure, easy to install
3. Low deflection for high output
4. The capacity of anti-deviated load is very strong
5. High comprehensive precision, high stability
6. Anodized Aluminum Alloy, High quality alloy steel with nickel plating
7. Compression and tension load cell
8. Low profile, spherical designing



1. Roller coater customized products

Product Description

The spoke type load cell is a load cell made of a spoke type elastic body structure and using the principle of shear stress. Because its shape resembles a wheel with spokes, it is called a spoke sensor, and its height is very low, it can also be called a low profile load cell. The LCF560 load cell adopts a spoke type elastomer structure and a circular design. It is a pressure sensor with a range of 2t to 5t. This model is a sensor for roller coating machines and can also be customized according to customer needs.





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