LC7012 Parallel Beam Aluminum Alloy Weight Sensor

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1. Capacities (kg): 0.3~5
2. High comprehensive precision, high stability
3. Compact structure, easy to install
4. Small size with low profile
5. Anodized Aluminum Alloy
6. The four deviations has been adjusted
7. Recommended Platform size: 200mm*200mm




1. Electronic balances
2. Packaging Scales
3. Counting scales
4. Industries of food, medicine and other industrial weighing and production process weighing


LC7012 load cell is a single point low section load cell designed for platform scales. The measuring range is from 0.3kg to 5kg. It is made of aluminum alloy and has a rubber sealing process. The deviation of the four corners has been adjusted to ensure the measurement accuracy. The surface is anodized and the protection level It is IP66 and can be used in various complex environments. The recommended table size is 200mm*200mm, suitable for electronic balances, counting scales, packaging scales, food, medicine and other industrial weighing and production process weighing.





Single point load cells play a vital role in electronic scales, ensuring accurate and reliable weight measurements. These load cells are designed to be integrated into the scale's platform, typically positioned at the center or at multiple points, depending on the scale's design.The primary function of a single point load cell in an electronic scale is to convert the force or pressure exerted on the platform into an electrical signal, which is then processed and displayed as the weight reading. This allows users to accurately and quickly determine the weight of an object placed on the scale.

Single point load cells are known for their high accuracy and precision, making them ideal for applications where precision weighing is required. Whether used in laboratory balances, retail scales, or industrial weighing systems, these load cells deliver consistent and dependable results.In laboratory balances, single point load cells are crucial for obtaining precise measurements of samples or substances. These load cells allow researchers, scientists, and technicians to accurately measure the weight of small objects or substances, ensuring accurate experimental results and formulation processes.In retail scales, single point load cells are utilized for price calculation based on weight. These load cells enable accurate weighing of products in grocery stores, delis, and other retail settings. They contribute to the efficiency of point-of-sale systems, providing correct billing information to customers.

In industrial weighing systems, single point load cells are utilized in various applications. For example, in warehouse and logistics environments, these load cells are used in pallet scales to accurately determine the weight of goods for inventory management, shipping, and material handling operations. They ensure accurate weight measurements for precise load distribution and transportation efficiency.Moreover, single point load cells find application in conveyor scales, where they are employed to measure the weight of objects or materials moving along a conveyor belt. These load cells contribute to quality control processes by monitoring the weight of products, preventing under or overfilling, and ensuring compliance with weight requirements.

Overall, single point load cells in electronic scales deliver accurate and reliable weight measurements, making them essential for applications requiring precision weighing. From laboratory balances and retail scales to industrial weighing systems, these load cells contribute to efficient and dependable weight measurements in a variety of settings.

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