LCD810 Stainless Steel Static Disk Low Profile Force Sensor

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1. Capacities (t): 0.1 to 2
2. Compact structure, easy to install
3. Compression and tension load cell
4. Low profile
5. Stainless steel material, Seal by welding
6. Protection grade IP66



1. Testing machine
2. Suitable for force measurement and control

Product Description

LCD810 is a dual-purpose weighing load cell for tension and compression. It belongs to the tensile type disc type load cell. The measuring range is from 100kg to 2t. It has a compact structure and is easy to install. It is made of stainless steel and durable. Strong corrosion resistance, can be used in humid and corrosive environments, screw-type design, convenient and quick installation and disassembly, can be used alone with a transmitter, or can be installed with a shackle for pull measurement, suitable for force measurement and control, Testing machine and other force measuring devices.





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