HBB Bellows Load Cell Stainless Steel Welded Seal

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1. Capacities (kg): 10~500
2. Compact structure, easy to install
3. High comprehensive precision, high stability
4. The capacity of anti-deviated load is very strong
5. Stainless steel material
6. Degree of protection reaches to IP68
7. Module installing



1. Packaging scales, belt scales
2. Platform scales
3. Hopper scales, tank scales
4. Ingredients weighing control in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries


HBB bellows load cell, wide range, from 10kg to 500kg, made of stainless steel, compact structure, easy installation, high comprehensive accuracy, good long-term stability, fully welded structure and waterproof wire to ensure that the sensor can be used in wet places In the environment, the protection level reaches IP68. It is used for multiple cantilever bending beam sensors. It can be applied to low-section platform scales and small-range tanks with appropriate installation accessories, and can well resist partial load and reverse load.



HBB force sensor




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