WB Traction Type Fodder Mixer Tmr Feed Processing Wagon Machine Load Cell

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1. Capacities (t): 5
2. Compact structure, easy to install
3. The rated output is very low, Traction type
4. High comprehensive precision, high stability
5. High quality alloy steel with nickel plating
6. Alloy steel or Stainless steel material
7. It is mainly used for Total Mixed Ration feed mixer, tension TMR



Total Mixed Ration feed mixer

Product Description

The WB cantilever beam load cell, with a measuring range of 5t, is made of 40CrNiMoA alloy steel. The band A indicates that it is a high-grade high-quality steel. The impurity content of this material is lower than that of 40CrNiMo. Usually more than one is used, and it is mainly used for weighing ingredients of TMR full-mix ration feed mixer truck. The difference from SSB is that the two move in different ways. WB is used on traction feed mixers, and SSB is used on stationary feed mixers.





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